The Husband Trap (The Trap Trilogy, Book 1)

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Thus the book starts with Jeannette's wedding to the most eligible bachelor, Adrian Winter, the Sixth Duke of Raeburn. All is good, right? I mean that's a predictable match in regency era society. However, the truth is that the woman standing before the altar joining her life to Adrian is no other than Violet!

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And this is where I expected to roll my eyes because usually those twin-switching-places-schemes end up being utterly ridiculous. But it wasn't in this book for the most part. She's such a lovely human being that I cannot help but root for her Hope with all my heart that Adrian sees the kind person she is and learns to love her. Of course, even the best of intentions cannot justify a lie and Violet will have to face the consequences of her actions.

What moved me the most about the story was Violet and Adrian's love story. How they came to love and trust each other,eventually view spoiler [ I'm a sucker for unrequited love stories and I love stories where the love starts as one-sided and then somehow it ends up being reciprocated. I especially love stories in which the wallflower or geek, that was previously ignored, becomes the center of attention or the belle of the ball.

He offered some comic relief when things got too serious with his aversion to study and his love for food. It was adorable. Jul 16, Suri rated it it was ok Shelves: hr. For this to start off with marriage already and the switch didn't sit well with me. I would have wanted to read more how she fell in love, what made her do it I got to admit I pretty much skimmed through the book.

I feel like he doesn't deserve her. Or for that matter, she should have been with someone else who didn't choose her sister. Well, even the hero. IDK, if I had an identical twin, I woul For this to start off with marriage already and the switch didn't sit well with me. IDK, if I had an identical twin, I would want my soulmate to recognize me at all times.

It shows how much he loves me I guess this whole twin switching where the hero is clueless isn't my cup of tea. I actually wished that at that wedding where they signed their signatures, somehow as a big twist, the hero actually knew who he's marrying. That since the heroine's eyesight is bad, she failed to read that in actual fact, it was her own name written.

Oh well, it would have been sweet if it had happened that way. Dec 20, Monika rated it really liked it Shelves: emotional-angst , hot-steamy , romance , stars , historical-romance , favorites.

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After thinking it through I decided I should give this book a try and turned out I really liked this book. Something about the way this author wrote makes the greatest issue in this story -marrying the other twin- resolves smoothly. This kind of plot might not my first of choices but this book surely is one of my favorite. Looking forward to reading another book from this author. Why not five stars?

The Wife Trap (The Trap Trilogy, #2) by Tracy Anne Warren

I almost gave up and returned this audiobook a few times before surely hoping that the MCs would get passed their physical attraction for each other But nope! The story started out well enough: Violet switches places with her twin, Jeannette, to marry Duke Adrian Raeborn. The story doesn't develop much from there, though. Borrowed as part of the Audible Romance Package Oct 05, Madu rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , favourite.

I stayed last night until 3, even if I knew that today I had a lot of work to do. Violet is not my typical favourite heroine, but I loved her transformation. It seemed so natural and not forced. Everything in this story went the way it should have gone. Nice book An overlooked bookish smart women who luckily have an identical twin switch with her sister on her sister wedding day and marry the man she secretly liked but was supposed to marry her sister.

Jan 03, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: regency-romances , would-watch-if-it-was-a-movie , lmao , Based purely on entertainment, this was like five stars for me. I loved the whole idea of twins switching at the altar and trying to fool the husband. It was such a cute premise and I found myself easily flipping through the pages. Also, the plot itself was super predictable.

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I honestly knew everything that was going to happen and I was kind of just waiting to hit each check point. It was like she could see and function perfectly fine for most of the time, but when it was convenient and necessary to further the plot, she was always squinting and secretly pulling out her spectacles.

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Violet was fine. I particularly liked her soft spot for animals and her bond with Horatio. He was a little bland and cardboard, but he fit really well when it came to the plot. Instead of being super into the characters, I think that I was just so enamored with the story that they had been put in. Violet was so terrible at impersonating her sister.

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It got to the point where I thought that Adrian should have known way sooner for all the lack of effort Violet was putting in to trick him. Their whole relationship appealed to the part of me that used to obsess over old VH1 dating shows. I was just waiting for everything to go to hell. There was this huge convoluted misunderstanding where view spoiler [Violet got rid of Toddy and you thought that she was in the clear.

All the interactions past that point were so cringey. Like, it was mess. The part where view spoiler [Adrian made a comment basically calling her a prostitute had me dropping my jaw hide spoiler ]. I was so torn because Adrian had every right to be angry with her. While there was some feeling of betrayal, I thought that it seemed like it was mostly his ego that was bruised. I mean, here he was falling for this woman who turned out to be deceiving him the entire time.

On the other hand, it was clear that Violet had genuine feelings for him. If you think about it, the only thing she lied about was her name. Aside from acting a bit more social and polished, she was pretty much just acting like her normal self. In terms of their reconciliation, I do wish that it had been stretched out longer.

Technically, a chunk of time had passed, but it was one of those things where they time jumped. Adrian went from view spoiler [hating her guts hide spoiler ] to view spoiler [absolutely and completely forgiving her and wanting to get married hide spoiler ]. I did like though the final few chapters that wrapped up the whole Jeanette situation and the secrecy towards their peers. I thought Violet was right on the mark when she said that Jeanette just wanted Adrian for his wealth and the prestige of being a duchess hide spoiler ].

I already had a terrible impression of Jeanette as this selfish, childish, and vain person and then that happened.

It seemed like Jeanette wanted the best of both worlds. Then, view spoiler [Violet and Jeanette decided to switch places for one final time hide spoiler ] A part of me rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness added last minute, but I was going along with it. It was alternately cute and funny and I definitely agreed that she deserved it a little bit after doing what she did.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with this.

Any book that can have me racing against the battery life on my kindle has to get some kind of props. I just had a lot of fun reading this book. While I hated Jeanette, I could probably grow to like her as a heroine. My problem though was with the guy she ends up with. I could change my mind on him though. I might skip ahead to the third book about Eliza purely because of how much I liked Kit from his friendship with Violet.

Dec 02, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook , romance-historical , zreads.

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Yet another audio book listened to on the strength of the narrator -- Bianca Amato -- and that it was part of my freebie month with the audible romance package. Leaving out the basic premise of the story -- which I will get to in a minute -- the romance between the couple, their time spent together and the build of their love story is really good.

Even the reaction of the husband once he finds out what happens is good romance novel fare. However the premise was so bonkers unbelievable that I could Yet another audio book listened to on the strength of the narrator -- Bianca Amato -- and that it was part of my freebie month with the audible romance package. However the premise was so bonkers unbelievable that I couldn't stop thinking about it and let myself really enjoy the story.

Like how did this woman think she'd be able to impersonate her sister, for like, ever? She literally had no end game here. I can suspend disbelief a lot, but it this took me out of the story so much. I spent most of the time just wanting the husband to find out he married the wrong chick so we could finally get some real resolution here. And even then this woman still wanted to brazen it out.

The Trap Trilogy Series

Outside of the fact that she and her sister were kinda dumb, this was not a bad listen. Aug 11, Amber added it. DNF- honestly I couldn't get past the honeymoon scene I just don't care enough to continue and it's been over a year since I started. Sep 04, Bespectacledreader rated it it was amazing Shelves: s-nobility. Some may not like the amount of deception in this book, They might even be aghast, [Okay, I just want to use the word aghast.

No one will be aghast about this story] but I can't help myself from liking it. I was thinking more of 4.