Lexicon of Plant Pests and Diseases

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Squash Plant Pest and Diseases // Squash Bug and Fungus Wilt

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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Powered by. You are connected as. Connect with:. Use your name:. Thank you for posting a review! We value your input. Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our team to publish it. Reviews 0. Updating Results. If you wish to place a tax exempt order please contact us. Valuable for its pronounced air and water holding capacity and its freedom from weeds and disease organisms. Fertilize Fertilizers - The act of or the actual substance added to soil to provide additional nutrients for plants.

May also be used to describe the pollination process flowers undergo with the help of bees and other insects. Fibrous-Rooted - A root system which contains many thin roots rather than a single tap root.

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Field Grown - Grown in the field, as opposed to root cuttings which are grown in pots in greenhouses. Floret - A small flower which is part of a much larger compound flower head; e. Flower Spike - A flower head made up of a central stem with the flowers growing directly on it. Foliar Fertilizer - A fertilizer applied in liquid form to a plant's foliage in a fine spray so that the plant can absorb the nutrients through its leaves.

Foundation Planting - Any plant that is used around a building for the sole purpose of making it look more esthetic. In earlier days it was to cover the foundation. Frost - The freezing and condensation of moisture in the air. Frost dates are important to know for your zone or area.

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Frost Hardy - Plants that are able to survive winter frosts without damage to their leaves i. Very much relative to geographic areas. Frost Tender - These plants will be damaged or killed by even the lightest of winter frosts. Most evident would be tropical plants stretched to a cooler zone. Fruit Fly - A small insect pest that will lay its eggs beneath the surface of developing fruits. The larvae will then grow quickly and exit through holes in the fruit or vegetable causing rot. Full Shade - This shade is sometimes called deep shade and is created by mature trees.

Denoted on this site with. Full Sun - Six hours or more in the direct sun during the growing season of the year. Fungus - A primitive form of plant life which is known to the house plant grower as the most common cause of infectious disease -- powdery mildew. Furrow - A depression in the planting garden either dug by a spade or a plow. It is created to be planted in or to be drainage. Fusarium - This fungal disease is soil borne and causes wilting and death mostly in herbaceous plants. This is the "F" in VFN on plant tags that denote fusarium resistant. Back to top -- G Gall - An unusual and abnormal growth on a plant.

Caused by insects, but can also be caused by bacteria and fungi. No harm to the plant material other than it is unsightly. Garden Designer - A person who professionally will create plans for a home or public space. Many are self-taught, and not generally licensed by the state. Not to be confused with garden architects who are specifically trained and licensed.

A Lexicon for Alternate On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

Garden designers sometimes are referred to as landscape designers. Genus - Used when naming plants. Genus is the plant equivalent of our surnames. When followed by the name of the 'Species' you have it's botanical name.