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Large paperback format. In good condition. Some spine damage to one as shown in the picture. In readable condition. Jack Higgins Book called: Wrath of the lion. Pick up from Avondale heights in melb.

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Clarence Area Geilston Bay. Launceston Area Waverley. Western Australia Perth Region. Burnie Area Burnie. Newcastle Area Newcastle. Adelaide Hills Woodside. Maroondah Area Heathmont. Frizzle's pizza. The bus is eaten along with a bite of pizza, and the students take refuge in a gap between taste buds on the tongue In a desperate attempt to get away from the taste area of the brain which was registering anchovies! From there, they travel along a nerve to Ms.

Frizzle's skin, and out a pore.

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An accidental slip into a cat's ear allows for a review of the sense of hearing and also a discussion of balance before they arrive safely back at school and the bus returns to its original size. The book includes a huge amount of information about the five senses, yet it is done in such a wacky and interesting way that the reader does not even notice how much he or she is learning! I thought the diagrams for "hearing" and "taste" were particularly well done and the "punny" summary of the five senses on the last page brings a smile.

I highly recommend this book to both students and adults.

My four-year-old even learned a few things about how his ears work! New York: Scholastic, Inc. Level: Upper Elementary. Your main guide is Brainy, a small purple brain-person who illustrates concepts and indicates areas of the brain involved in each section. Wonderfully illustrated, this book is sure to attract and hold students' attention. Colorful Purple Brain - no, NOT the song by Prince , imaginative green jello salad brain with whip cream and cherry and cute sick lion awaiting treatment from Galen depictions of the brain and other organs provide a visual feast around which the text is organized.

However, several opportunities were missed in the book's stated goal of describing the brain's role in control of body systems, for example when discussing the circulatory and respiratory systems. Also, Brainy needs a better diagram of the medial view of the brain - an "X" on the cerebellum intended for brainstem autonomic centers or on the anterior temporal lobe for olfactory cortex does not adequately convey the location of these centers. Other fixes to add before turning this over to your students: cerebellum has three pairs of stalks, not one p.

Broca's area are offset p. Lastly, change "hair follicle" to "sebaceous pore" in the "In-Skin Blemishes" section p. If the highest ideal of education is to enthrall as well as to inform, this book succeeds wonderfully.

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It only requires more careful editing. By all means fix it and give it to your students, after you enjoy it first, of course. Lichtenfels is described as "a Leeds schoolboy who edited his primary school magazine for 4 years Although students may enjoy this book with its many colorful drawings, there are a few factual errors that should be noted. For example, on page 6 in a discussion of how an axon splits into threads like roots, the authors write, "Each of these roots gently touches a dendrite of another nerve cell. The authors also incorrectly define the electroencephalogram as a machine that can read your brain waves.

Actually, the electroencephalograph is the machine and the electroencephalogram is the record of brain wave activity. Another misconception is in the discussion of the response to stepping on a pin pages The authors imply that after a person steps on a pin, the brain sends a signal to move the foot off the pin. Actually, the brain is not needed for this response; a built-in spinal cord reflex flexion-withdrawal reflex takes care of this job before the brain is aware of the pin.

In fact, this response is performed even if the spinal cord is cut, completely isolating the brain from the spinal cord! The speed with which messages can travel within an axon is also reported in the book to be 50 meters per second. Actually, messages can travel at speeds ranging from 0. I wanted to like this book. I think it was a great idea for a neuroscientist to team with a student about this kind of project. However, the factual errors and lack of photographs in "Brainbox" prevent me from recommending the book.

Reviewed by Ms. Author Seymour Simon includes all of the popular optical illusions found in most science books. The explanations about why the illusions work to "fool" the brain are especially interesting and useful. Simon's writing is accurate and understandable and he goes into only as much detail as is needed for the reader to follow his main points.

The background chapter on "How You See" is clear and easy to read. In the "Optical Illusions in Art" chapter, artist M. Escher and three other artists who use light, color and perspective to communicate their messages are discussed. The book is appropriate for students in grade 4 and up to read alone, and sections of it could be used as a read-aloud for younger children. I highly recommend the book for home and school libraries and science or art classrooms; it is a "must-have" for anyone who teaches about the sense of sight.

For elementary school students How many eyes does a wolf spider have? What animal can move each eye independently? These and other questions are answered in "EyeOpeners! The amazing eyes of insects, crabs, spiders, fish, snakes, birds, cats, and monkeys are all discussed in this book intended for elementary school-aged children. Reading level: Grades It's a sunny day in the country. You feel a light breeze on your skin and hear birds singing in the distance.

You see fluffy white clouds drift across the blue sky and smell freshly cut grass. That is what you experience. But what about other animals? Do they feel, hear, see and smell the same things that you do? In "Unseen Rainbow, Silent Songs," author Beverly Duncan explores the senses by comparing the abilities of a young boy in the country with those of the animals around him. During his day in the country, the boy takes in the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside.

However, there is much that he does not see, hear and smell. For example, his dog can hear a rabbit far in the distance and an owl can hear a small mouse in the fallen leaves. Bats send out and hear sounds that have frequencies too high for the boy to hear. Many animals can detect other signals that are beyond the reach of humans. Duncan provides a few specific facts for each sense.

Although older readers may want more details about the senses, young readers will find "Unseen Rainbows, Silent Songs" an excellent book that raises many questions about the animals they see every day.

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Reviewed by science writer Mike Selby. Recommended for children 4 to 8.

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The book's illustrations are bright and cheerful, and the explanations are easy to grasp. Each page of the book engages the reader with an interesting question, starting with the title page. Cromwell has written a basic guided tour of the human nervous system, focusing on topics such as brain messages, receptor cells, and sound waves.